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What’s new in ASReml 4

The main development is the introduction of an alternative functional method of associating variance structures with random model terms and the residual, akin to that used in ASReml-R, as an alternative to the former structural method, where the variance models were specified separately from the model terms. Using the functional specification, […]

ASReml 3 Linux installation and license key procedure

ASReml v3.00 Installation Notes ——————————- Platform: Intel x86 or AMD 32-bit based PC Operating System: Linux (32-bit) Limits: Max Workspace = 2000Mb Features: Interactive Graphics with hardcopy options EPS, WMF, JPG, HPGL, HPGL2, BMP, WPM Note this implementation produced under Red Hat Fedora Core 10, should be suitable for other similar […]

‘Install License’ button does not appear on pop up screen

Please download the current version from our website, if you have a fully paid annual rental license or support and maintenance contract.  This version will then have a ‘Install License’ button for you to install the license key.

Once WinASReml is installed, unable to run examples

The problem you are experiencing can sometimes occur if you do not have write permission to the folder containing the example programs. What I would suggest that you do is copy the folder containing the examples to location on your PC where you have write access (for example, in the folder […]

ASRemlW, error message – file is already open or cannot be accessed

ASRemlW opening more than once or error messages saying the file is already open or cannot be accessed, the first thing to check is the Tools|Options menu. For “Location of ASReml program file” it should say C:\Program Files\……\ASReml.exe.  In this example it is wrong, because it says ASRemlW.exe. Changing it to […]

“Error – 1663 this installation package is not supported by this processor type”

This error usually occurs if you try to install a 64-bit version of ASReml on a 32-bit PC. I would suggest that you try downloading the 32-bit version of ASReml from our website at and try installing this version.

Error ‘License error – checksum incorrect’, when trying to open software up

The error message you are receiving indicates that ASReml /GenStat can not find the license key in the correct location.  Please could you check that the license file has not got a hidden .txt extension on the end of it and that it has been saved in the correct folder. To check […]

Installation error, error while loading shared libraries: – part 1

The error that you are receiving suggests that there is no file.  The library you require is part of openmotif. You might be able to use the command yum to install it: “yum install openmotif”, alternatively you can download an rpm and install from that. Please go to and […]

ASReml license installation, wanting to use R

Yes you can, you just need to save the asreml.lic file in either of the following locations: C:\program files\common files\vsn international\licenses Or C:\Program Files\R\R-2.6.1\bin

Installation error: error while loading shared libraries: – part 2

ASReml is not finding because it is not on one of the standard search paths. As always, there are a number of possible solutions: First locate It is quite possibly in /opt/openmotif/usr/lib. If you cannot find it you will have to use find, and alter my suggestions below appropriately: […]